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ENDIAMA, E.P. is the Angolan National Diamond Company. Founded in 1981, ENDIAMA is dedicated and focused on its business performance along the diamond
value chain, from exploration, production, cutting & polishing, marketing & sales up to jewelry manufacturing and retail. The company with emphasis on the return to
its own production, as well as the leverage and launch of new mining projects.

ENDIAMA is currently promoting eight (8) diamond projects and many more are available for partnerships with those who would like to invest in this very promising

In partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, ENDIAMA has worked diligently to create a more favorable business environment in the diamond
sector as well as to guarantee stability and return on investments.

Our goals are to be the Reference Company in Angola’s diamond sector, recognized internationally, and to be an example in creating value for our communities,
customers, employees, and partners, thereby, contributing decisively for our Country’s progress.

Fundamentally, our long-term mission is to provide sustainable economic and social benefits to all our stakeholders, in partnership with our communities.


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