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METS Ignited is the Industry Growth Centre for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector funded by the Federal Government Department of Industry, Science, and Resources.

The role of the Industry Growth Centre initiative is to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation, enhance industry skills & capabilities, grow our exports, and simplify the regulatory environment in areas where Australia has a proven global competitive advantage.

Australia’s METS sector is a recognised world leader in innovation and technology development to support the resources sector. METS Ignited’s focus is on the commercialisation of that technology for the benefit of all sectors, by leveraging existing networks and project pipelines created by the Resources Industry.

The Growth Centre achieves these objectives by:
• providing matched funding for collaborative projects with METS companies to drive the commercialisation of their technology with the mining industry
• delivering accelerators and masterclasses to further the commercial skills and capabilities in the sector
• supporting industry associations and events promoting Australia’s global capabilities and the various activities that are happening across the sector
• and providing a co-ordination role for the various support programs offered across the ecosystem

The success of Australia’s METS sector has created more highly skilled jobs, expanding the economic value generated by Australia’s leading technology sector, and is developing future skills in technology growth areas such as data & analytics, robotics & automation and engineering services. The Australian METS sector is a world leader in the advancement of safety, sustainability and technologies that enable our social licence to operate.

METS Ignited

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