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SLR provides world-leading advisory, environmental, and engineering consulting services to address the unique challenges faced by an evolving mining and minerals industry. The whole sector is being shaped by the changing positions of investors, developers and consumers alike to a modern world demanding more effective and socially responsible use/reuse of resources, as well as responding to issues like climate change and decarbonisation demands and the energy transition.

With a strong foundation of  technical experts and advisors, we work closely with our clients through the entire mining lifecycle. We are strongly positioned for and fully endorse an integrated blend of scientific and engineering approaches to environmentally accountable and socially responsible mining. We start with the end in mind, whether it be resource and reserve definition, valuation, finance support, permitting, development, and operations, to mine waste / tailings management; water management, and mine closure. This includes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy & compliance, climate resilience and energy transition.

SLR advises and supports our clients in achieving their goals and includes major mining companies, mid-caps, junior mining and exploration companies, financial institutions, governments, law firms, and individual investors on the technical and ESG aspects of mineral resource development and mining assets.

SLR Consulting

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