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A new look for Europe’s leading mining investment event Resourcing Tomorrow brought to you by Mines and Money

  • 27 July 2022

Major geopolitical forces are putting new pressures on the global mining industry at a time when the 
sector is reinventing itself to address the opportunities of a decarbonised economy, according to the 
Content Director of the world's largest resources industry event, Resourcing Tomorrow.

Andrew Thake said these issues will be key themes at this year’s freshly re-branded Mines and Money 
London 2022 conference. He said the event, now in its 20th year, is already attracting thousands of
global investors and mining company delegates to a city known as a global mining investment hub.

“With mining as a key driver of GDP growth, everyone recognises the central role it will play in the 
global energy transition,” Mr Thake said.

“Resourcing Tomorrow will look at this energy transition, ESG, sustainability and the circular economy, 
and how geopolitical developments such as the war in Ukraine and Covid have led to a re-appraisal of 
mining supply chains.”

“Exploration is once again front of mind with a realisation that there is not enough supply to meet the 
demand for a sustainable circular economy,” he said.

With an anticipated audience of 2,000 attendees, Resourcing Tomorrow runs from 29 November to 1 
December 2022 at the Business Design Exhibition Centre in London.

The agenda will look to the future of mining, and through dialogue and debate seek answers to how 
mining can:

  • Accelerate the energy transition and EV migration
  • Manage geopolitical risks and resource nationalism 
  • Build meaningful collaboration, Jvs and partnerships
  • Deliver measurable ESG outcomes across the value chain 
  • Reimagine its business through technology and innovation 

Mike Hill, Event Director at Resourcing Tomorrow, said: “With our new look Resourcing Tomorrow 
agenda, we are anticipating an even larger participation for 2022. We have already sold 85% of 
exhibition floor space and anticipate 150 miners in attendance. Our forward-thinking agenda has 
helped us secure some stellar keynotes including Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive, Rio Tinto; Mark 
Bristow, President & Chief Executive Officer, Barrick; Mikael Staffas, President & Chief Executive Officer, 
Boliden; Rohitesh Dhawan, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Council of Mining and 
Minerals, ICMM and Elaine Dorward-King, Non-executive Director for Sibanye Stillwater, Kenmare 
Resources and NovaGold. As a result, we are on course for our biggest attendance since 2017 .”

Resourcing Tomorrow is brought to you by Mines and Money and represents an incomparable 
opportunity for all those seeking engagement with the mining sector. International mining companies, 
investors, government delegations, and suppliers will convene in London from 29 November for three 
days to benefit from insights and grow relationships.

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