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IGA Joins Resourcing Tomorrow 2024 for a Sustainable Mining Future

  • 21 May 2024

While wind and solar are often seen as the go-to renewables, their intermittent nature can be a challenge for mines requiring consistent power. Large-scale storage solutions exist, but they can be expensive. Geothermal energy offers a compelling alternative:

  • Unlike wind and solar, geothermal provides a dependable, baseload energy source, ideal for mining operations
  • Geothermal can generate electricity and provide process heat, making it even more attractive for mines

Despite these advantages, geothermal hasn't yet been widely adopted in mining. One reason might be a lack of awareness about its proven potential compared to more established renewables. This can lead to geothermal being overlooked or dismissed prematurely.

The IGA, a global leader in supporting geothermal development, shares Beacon Events' commitment to driving innovation and clean energy solutions within mining.  "We're seeing a growing connection between renewables and mining as we navigate the energy transition," says Andrew Thake, Divisional Director at Resourcing Tomorrow. "Geothermal has significant potential for the mining sector, and we're excited to partner with the IGA to explore its possibilities."

At Resourcing Tomorrow, the IGA will play a key role by bringing together IGA members, such as geothermal thought leaders to join top mining leaders on stage. They will explore critical questions:

  • How can the mining industry leverage renewables for decarbonisation?
  • How can the energy industry strategize for the minerals needed in the energy transition?
  • What specific opportunities does geothermal present for mining operations?

In addition to the panel discussions, the IGA will also host a dedicated meeting on geothermal energy opportunities for mining on the morning of December 5th. This meeting, open to IGA members attending Resourcing Tomorrow, provides a valuable platform for attendees to:

  • Gain insights into how geothermal energy can transform the mining sector
  • Network and collaborate with experts and peers driving the green mining revolution

This partnership with IGA underscores Resourcing Tomorrow dedication to move beyond traditional mining methods to embrace sustainable solutions that foster innovation and create a cleaner future for all.

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