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Resourcing Tomorrow announces Extreme E collaboration

  • 5 June 2024

Extreme E is renowned for its groundbreaking off-road racing series, which traverses the planet's most remote regions: these regions, invariably impacted by climate change, have been at the forefront of Extreme E’s climate change thinking, driving their dedication to the issue.

Resourcing Tomorrow is actively forging partnerships beyond the conventional mining sphere to foster growth, advance sustainability and champion impactful collaboration as one crucial pillar of our overall mission. The event will embrace the innovative thinking required to meaningfully tackle not just the dilemmas facing the mining industry, but the global effort to reach Net Zero. 

At the upcoming event on 3-5 December in London, the Extreme E team will be in attendance, with the series’ Managing Director Ali Russell taking the stage in Resourcing Tomorrow Theatre alongside mining industry leaders. This epitomises the type of unconventional collaboration Resourcing Tomorrow means to nurture. 

Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E, said: “It is great to be attending Resourcing Tomorrow on behalf of Extreme E. 

“Reducing global emissions and the impact of the climate crisis will only be achieved through collaboration and developing innovative solutions. I look forward to being part of Resourcing Tomorrow and engaging with such a wide-ranging audience on decarbonisation and the importance of the energy transition.”

As advocates for equality, environmental stewardship, entertainment, e-mobility, and energy, Extreme E's involvement promises to enrich the discussion on global sustainability. Their proactive engagement with changemakers underscores their dedication to environmental solutions on a global scale. Resourcing Tomorrow aligns with this commitment, forging a path towards sustainability hand in hand.

One example of Extreme E's progress in this realm is their collaboration with Continental Tyres, where the series repurposes championship racing rubber for mainstream forklift tires. This is exactly the innovative spirit that Resourcing Tomorrow embraces and aims to emulate across industry, and is a testament to Extreme E’s sustainability commitment. Their efforts to push boundaries and showcase the adaptability of EVs in non-urban settings serve as a rallying call for the mining industry and beyond to embrace innovation wholeheartedly.

Recognising the mining industry's challenges in talent acquisition and retention, we must look beyond conventional boundaries. Extreme E works in alliance with the EY Foundation, offering employability training and mentoring to young people. Similarly, at Resourcing Tomorrow, we host the Next Generation Leaders Program, inviting 150+ students and recent graduates from the mining value chain to attend and to learn from industry leaders and expand their networks. These parallel operations emphasise aligned visions and share objectives: by unifying efforts to tackle these challenges, we open up new possibilities and expand our scope to reach our goals faster, together.

Together, we strive to engage in crucial conversations that will lead us to a sustainable future, uniting industries to drive positive change for our planet and future generations. Join us at Resourcing Tomorrow as we lead the way towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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