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Six tips to attract media interest in your company before, during and after Resourcing Tomorrow

  • 23 April 2024
1. Use Resourcing Tomorrow as a platform to make a big announcement

Nothing excites our readers more than a big announcement, especially when it's time-sensitive. If you have an announcement that is newsworthy, non-commercial, and related to industry-wide issues – it is likely to get excellent readership and may be picked up by mainstream media.

Here are a couple of scenarios that have worked for other businesses:

  • The launch of a new product
  • Results of an industry report
  • The signing of a new contract
  • Discussion on an issue that is trending in wider media/industry
2. Present your company as a thought leader

Thought leadership is one of the most effective forms of communicating with our readers. They help build trust in your expertise.

Becoming a thought leader isn't merely about providing details of the benefits of your products or services. It's about thinking about the strategic problems that the industry is facing and delivering solutions.

Think about where industry-wide issues and your expertise intersect. An excellent way to validate is to provide research-based commentary on these issues to promote you and your company as experts in that field.

3. Make it relevant to the Resourcing Tomorrow conference program

The Resourcing Tomorrow program covers a range of topics, including mine financing, investment, exploration, development, ESG, technological innovation and decarbonisation. Your story will make a whole lot more sense and, therefore will stand a greater chance of being published if it’s relevant to the key conference themes.

4. Include a third-party advocate

People respond to people similar to themselves. With that in mind, using a testimonial from a respected third party, such as a mining company, large engineering firm, management firm, or industry influencer, will strengthen your credibility.

But a testimonial can't be simply plonked into your article. Weave their advocacy through statements and quotes about the issue or your value to the industry. You will be surprised at the number of organisations who agree to be involved in a thought leadership piece as it provides them branding too.

For you, it provides a strong brand association and credibility.

5. Don't forget the photos

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There is a direct link between utilising high-quality images in your communications, interest and readability. Photographs help consumers visualise themselves using a product or service and allow them to imagine it improving their own business in some way.

6. Above all, be genuine

If you're not a global organisation, don't portray yourself as one and vice versa. Your own story will be more compelling and sincere than the one you think potential clients will want to hear.



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