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Following a record number of nominations by you, the mining industry, Resourcing Tomorrow is excited to announce the short-listed nominees for the ESG Awards brought to you by Mines and Money.

This year’s nominees comprise a range of inspiring leaders, standout performers, and brilliant examples of ESG stewardship. Mines and Money have sought to feature companies from all corners of the mining industry in our awards to highlight the importance of ESG considerations in all mining activities and related fields.

“As Environment, Sustainability and Governance become even more integrated into miners’ overall business strategies, and from a much earlier stage in the project life cycle, it is no surprise to see the quality of work and real change this year’s awards contenders are being nominated for,” said Andrew Thake, Divisional Director

The ESG Explorers and Developers of the Year Award is a prime example of companies that have embraced mining at a point where their footprint on the ground is small, allowing them to bring all stakeholders on their journey toward production.

This Explorers and Developers award highlights the importance of incorporating ESG initiatives from the exploration stage, recognising the need for engagement with local communities and responsible wildlife custodianship and the health and well-being of employees during the initial phases of a mining project.

Mines and Money have short-listed Blackstone Minerals Ltd; Aboko Minerals; MCC Mining; Cordoba Mining and Pensana for this well-respected award.

ESG Producer of the Year Award showcases producing mining companies who have shown excellent consideration for ESG throughout their project’s lifecycle to the post-production phase. These firms have demonstrated that ESG is central to all their activities at a community, country and global level.

Implementing community initiatives, operating with respect for the natural environment, working to reduce CO2 emissions, ethical and effective leadership, and exception health and safety standards are just some of the positive attributes our short-listed nominees have displayed.

The ESG Producer of the Year Award nominees are B2 Gold, Central Asia Metals, Pan African Resources, Endeavour Mining and Kenmare Resources.

The ESG Impact Initiative of the Year Award highlights the significant impact organisations which do not mine but are involved in the mining sector can have on ESG. The short-listed nominees are a diverse range of businesses from a carbon and energy project developer, a socio-economic development firm; an exploration drilling company; a socio-economic development firm; a streaming and royalty business and a steeling-making coal acquisition and development company.

The breadth of our nominees’ fields only demonstrates how ESG can and should be an utmost priority in every corner of the mining industry and its external partnerships.

ESG Impact Initiative of the Year Awards short-listed nominees are GeoDrill, O Trade, Triple Flag Precious Metals, Impact Facility, Pembroke Resources and Biothermica for this acclaimed award. 

Mines and Money would also like to thank Digbee and Satarla for their generous sponsorship of the ESG awards. Best of luck to all of the nominees!

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