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18 October 2023

Significant developments in Victorian mining

The Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Bill 2023 (Vic) proposes a suite of reforms

18 October 2023

Perspectives on Cyber Risk 2023: the real cost of a data breach

Our recent survey findings indicate that organisations may be getting complacent with their cyber risk management.

18 October 2023

Investor Sentiment Study 2023

In this 3-part analysis, we reveal insights into the investment perceptions and intentions of the Australian market

18 October 2023

Australian renewables investment breaking records as optimism surges

Confidence in the Australian renewable energy story has never been higher.

18 October 2023

Federal Government's third IR reform package

The Federal Government introduces the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023.

18 October 2023

Step change in sustainability reporting: First two ISSB standards released

Why is the release of the first global sustainability standards such a big deal?

24 October 2022

Supply chain solutions for critical minerals

Critical minerals are in demand as countries transition to renewables. But with only one supply chain, the future supply of critical

22 October 2022

The 'third wave' of climate litigation: greenwashing

With the sharp evolution of sustainability into a material financial issue, greenwashing has become an acute legal risk for organisations.

22 October 2022

WA Parliament's sexual harassment report calls for

The WA Parliament's Community Development and Justice Standing Committee has identified a systemic failure by mining employers to recognise

21 October 2022

Positive duty will transform how employers approach

New form NDAs will be a key factor in demonstrating positive duty

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